Ismét „Oh! Polish Animation!” az Anilogue Fesztivál keretében, a Lengyel Intézetben!

2019. november 28. (csütörtök), 18.00

Lengyel Intézet

1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 15.

Az O!PLA rövidítés annyit tesz: „Oh! Polish Animation!” A lengyel animáció hazai és külföldi népszerűsítését zászlajára tűző fesztivál közönségkedvenc alkotásait a rendezvény alapítója, Piotr Kardas prezentálja. Eredeti nyelven, angol felirattal, 77 perc

The objectives of the Polish Animation Festival “O!PLA” (meaning:” Oh! Polish Animation“) are to promote the work of Polish animators, both at home and abroad. The audience favourites of O!PLA is presented by the festival director Piotr Kardas.

In original language with English subtitles, 77 minutes


Filmek a műsorban // Short films in the program


Routine (Routine, Valeria Molchanova, 2017, PL, 05’18”)

Wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, work, return from work, "relax" with beer, sleep ... And every day do the same. The routine is slowly becoming the main character's life... Bronze Award in the Student Category.


The Lord of the Earthworm (Władca pierścienic, Mariusz Włodarski, 2018, PL, 01’21”)

Once upon a time, an unexpected guest came to the house of an earthworm… Bronze Award in the Independent Category.


Hunting for a Tiger (Polowanie na tygrysa, Maciej Buchwald, 2018, PL, 02’23”)

Where is the tiger?" - this question constantly accompanies the human character of this music video... Bronze Award in the Animated Music Videos Category.


Dad! (Dad!, Piotr Baranowski, 2018, PL, 00’44”)

Animated epigram on the new technologies and their impact on interpersonal relations... Bronze Award in the Animated Epigrams Category.


25/25 (kinoMANUAL: Aga Jarząb, Maciek Bączyk, 2018, PL, 04’20”)

The title of the film refers to, on the one hand, the tradition of numbering subsequent graphic prints, and on the other, the fact that the movie sequence was drawn on "25 frames per second". Each subsequent drawing looks similar to the previous one, like copies of the same pattern; in fact, they are only different in the details. Their meaning is conveyed only through motion. Each drawing consists of a huge number of micro-actions that can be viewed infinite times, searching for the new sound and image interaction. So a looped sequence that lasts only one second, can extend to an unlimited length, depending on the viewer's perception. The soundtrack is a combination of field recording (mainly, our private home audio-sphere) and electronic sounds produced with a Synthi AKS synthesizer.


Woolworld (Wełniaki, Joanna Polak (Studio Joanna Polak), 2018, PL, 10’00”)

Have you ever wondered what live would be in a world made of wool? In Woolworld, people, animals and everything that surrounds them is made of wool and all is closely tied together. The only person capable of making sure that Woolworld functions smoothly is Mr. Wooly. He is, however, old and tired and he wants his life to change. Unfortunately... his wish gets granted. Silver Award in the Professional Category.


Creation (Początek świata, Paweł Kleszczewski & Katarzyna Zimnoch, 2018, PL, 10’13”)

In the Beginning there was nothing but endless sea. On this sea in the boat, God was sailing. One day from his reflection, out of sea depths devil emerged. After that they started to create the world together, quickly falling into conflict, which goes on to this day. “The Creation” is the first animation depicting Slavic creation myth. Screenplay was based on folk stories as well as on reconstructions of prominent historians and culture researchers. The film was made by the team of two person, in the paintin on glass animation technique. Silver Award in the Independent Category.


Crossfire (Crossfire, Aleksandra Lekszycka (PJATK Warszawa), 2017, PL, 4’31”)

Music: Stephen (unofficial video with permission to the music). The constant internal struggle of intellect, feelings and instinct... Silver Award in the Animated Music Videos Category.


Rhythm and Arrhythmia (Rytm i arytmia, Jakub Rybak (WSUO Opole), 2017, PL, 00’48”)

Animated epigram about the rhythm and its lack...Silver Award in the Animated Epigrams Category.


Marbles (Marbles, Natalia Spychała (PWSFTviT Łódź), 2018, PL, 5’13”)

Film made in stop-motion technique, with threads on vaseline and glass. The author was interested in the impression of combining, binding all the parts appearing in the film, as well as basing the content of the film on the properties resulting from its form. The protagonist of the film is a fragmentarily appearing figure, which is inseparably connected with space and various objects. The interaction of all these elements creates a system of dependencies - a closed cycle of related events. Silver Award in the Experimental Animation Category.


Deitys (Bóstwa, Łukasz Rusinek, 2018, PL, 4’41”)

Music: Żywiołak. A young man motorcycle is spoiled in the middle of the forest. Unexpectedly, three young women appear nearby. The man decides to move in their direction… Golden Award in the Animated Music Videos Category.


Breakfast (Śniadanie, Bartosz Zarzycki (UAP Poznań), 2018, PL, 01’14”)

Animated epigram about a mammal, fish and bird… Golden Award in the Animated Epigrams Category.


Year (Rok, Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska (Serafiński Studio), 2018, PL, 11’40”)

This job is a intimate journal created by two persons and covers almost six years of their live. One person provided a daily package of cigarettes smoked by himself that day and the other one covered them with a ready-made "graphic-painting matter", that is paper souvenirs - waste of everyday life. A film dedicated to the memory of Marek Serafiński, an outstanding creator and producer of Polish animation. Golden Award in the Experimental Animation Category.